The Valley of the Shadow

Into the Valley of the Shadow

Psalm 23 KJV
4Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

We all, invariably, will enter into The Valley of the Shadow of Death and feel the dark tendrils of night close in about us. We will encounter the fears, the losses, and hushed whispers that accompany this passage through the gloomy mists. The Shadows are heavy, as if a cloak of incalculable weight has been draped over our already weary and stooped shoulders. The darkness is oppressive, it is a living breathing evil that looks to devour all who enter into its lair. The Valley of the Shadow, littered with the remains of those who have gone before, those who were bereft of light and any comfort, offers no hope to the traveller. The path, overgrown as it is, is treacherous and strewn with obstacles both known and unknown that seek to entangle and encumber.

Fear, the sinister sister of the Shadow, does her bidding well, gripping the hearts and minds of all who enter therein. Time is meaningless as despair crowds in and around the despondent traveller…minutes seem like hours, hours like days, and days stretch on into infinity with no relief in sight.

Relief from the Valley of the Shadow.

Light. Wonderful and precious Light. There can be no shadows without light; warm and embracing, this light drives the Shadow back among the rocks…deep into the crevices from which it came. Heavenly Light, surrounding and encompassing all that is within sight; it is even more real and tangible than the Shadow feigned to be. Comforting, encouraging, strengthening, and invigorating: this Light is Love, Joy, Peace, and Mercy…but only to those whom the Light has embraced. We travel through The Valley of the Shadow with this Light as our guide; both in Word and deed. The crooked ways are made straight and the weary shoulders are straightened, but not by their own power. This Light…Light to guide. Light to warm. He is the Light that drives the Shadow away from the path of the Righteous. This Light is terrifing…revealing…..showing us decay round about the path that we have wandered down. The blight of sin and the misery of death….but I will fear no evil for HE is with me…He comforts me…..He is my Rod and my staff.

The Valley of the Shadow Returns

These Shadows, though they have been driven away, will attempt to return. Our God and our Savior my even, in His Infinite Wisdom, allows them to come once again, but they can only succeed in bringing Him glory and strengthening His children. So PRAISE HIM….. Praise Him in the MorningPraise Him at NoonPraise Him in the Evening…..PRAISE Him!!!When the Valley of the Shadow looms before us….Praise Him for all the good He has donePraise Him for His faithfulnessPraise Him for the Light that goes with and before youPraise Him saving your soul The Valley of the Shadow has no power over the children of the King for HE is our Light, our Salvation, and our ever present Helper. Praise Him….and give thanks for He is good and His mercy endures forever.


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