The Walk of the Living Dead

And as it is appointed unto men once to die,
but after this the judgment:
Hebrews 9:27

This is our lot in life as sons of Adam: Birth and the walk of the Living Dead. The span of years offers both good and evil, the sublime and horrific as all things pertaining to life are found between those two little words. A Mother’s kiss, a Father’s stern rebuke, hurts by friends or the simple joy of a warm spring day with the clouds drifting lazily by in a deep sea of blue. The loss of loved ones and the birth of new ones are woven into this tapestry that we call life.

In all this joy and misery we, no I , must remember that our entrance into this world is fraught with peril and sin; utterly lost and without hope. Our hurts here will pass into the mist of time and the lights will fade from the Grand Marquee as the years pass into years. The Luster of trophies will diminish and the honors we have won will be as nothing. All that we strive for, all that we run from, all that haunts the shadowed lanes of our existence results from sin’s dark grasp. Our works will not profit and our misery will bring only pity or scorn from the audience of our peers.

The Dead Man Walking

We ( most particularly I ) sin because we want to, because we glory in it and we are filled with temporal pleasures and the applause of those who enjoy the same. Our passions consume us, overwhelm us, destroy us yet we chase head long after these vain desires. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life these three drive us, forcing ever onward towards destruction. The idolization of self rules us like petulant children as we scream for more and more yet the hunger is never satisfied. The anger smolders just below the surface ready to erupt in violent fury at anyone or anything that would thwart our passions for more: More wealth, more power, more gratification that will leave us cold and empty after the fury has abated. The hunger will return, the person that we are, down in the dark recesses of our soul, it will return and wreak havoc upon our ( my ) weary soul. The collective we is not the problem for we all know where we are in truth, the problem is me for I am desolate and lost, completely undone and without hope.

Who can Save Me from this Walk of the living Dead

Who can save me from this wretched man that I am? Who is able to free me from the darkness and shame within? Oh that this rotten and decaying body of death could be freed from its corruption. I thank God through His Son Jesus Christ for the abundant Grace so generously bestowed upon the dead man that I was.

I humbly bow before the Lord of Heaven and Earth who is worthy to be praised for all His works and grace that preserved me from death while apart from Him. I stand in awesome reverence of the One who is worthy to be called Messiah, the Christ, Lord, and Savior. Anointed by the Father, Eternally God, and Second Person of the Trinity who condescended to be born in flesh. Forsaken by men, reviled by those who should have known Him, he remained silent and bore the wrath reserved for me. He was bruised for my iniquity, pierced for my transgressions, and through His stripes healing was wrought. The sinless one, Him who knew no sin became sin for me and was accounted among the transgressors. He rose again being the first fruits of the resurrection and gave me hope of new life.

Calling me out of darkness into His marvelous Light, my debt was paid and my sins forgiven. A dead man born again unto new life, regenerated, called unto repentance and believing in Him salvation has come. All my sins forgiven and not only forgiven but forgotten.

If only once born once fated to die twice, but now twice born the sting of death has vanished. For death is but a transition from this mortal to immortality, from corruption to incorruption. Sin’s cold chains have been broken and death has lost her sting. For I am a new creature in Christ: My old Man is crucified with Him and now I live, but not I but Christ lives in me.

His grace forever with me never to fail. He is my Savior, my Shield, and my ever present Help in time of trouble, my Fortress. He is all Powerful and extends mercy to those whom He wills and nothing hinders His eternal decrees. Wholly dependent upon my Sovereign Lord I am safe in His arms for I am His and He is mine to the Glory of God Forever.



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